Joanna Charbonneau

A former high school social studies teacher, Joanna is now a district administrator in Chicago.   Our editor’s unique background gives her a specialized look at education and political news both locally and on the national level.

Chloe McGuire

Chloe graduated from Boston University. Her studies and personal experience make her an ideal health and science contributor. She now lives in Seattle, WA with her husband and two kids.

Oliver Carreras

A curious and enigmatic child, Oliver Carreras spent more time tinkering and building, then studying. Fortunately, he turned that love for technology into a degree and now contributes to our site with updates on the latest from the technology industry.

Harper J. Lund

We are extremely grateful to have Harper as our finance and stocks contributor. Not only is he an expert on the market, but has a knack for simplifying the information and making it more accessible for you, the reader.

Lucas Kaufman

Lucas graduated from Chaminade University, in Hawaii, but now resides in San Diego, CA. With a degree focused on business and social sciences, Lucas covers all of our business stories, with occasional coverage of social policies and banking and finance.

Charlotte Renee Bryant

Charlotte is our resident travel expert. She also contributes to various other topics as demand requires, including entertainment and technology. Obviously, her knowledge and flexibility makes her a valuable asset to our team, and her wanderlust makes it easy to get the best stories, up close and personal.