Food- Effects: Too much Caffeine

A day in the office is not complete without a cup of coffee. Coffee is deemed as a remedy to almost everything that annoys anyone in the office. Coffee, however, contains caffeine, which is not so good for our bodies when consumed in large regular amounts.

Positive Effects

Alert Brain 

Caffeine is a stimulate that relieves drowsiness and fatigue almost immediately.  This is one of the advantages of caffeine as it can improve the work speed on an individual within minutes of consumption. You can enjoy this good effect of caffeine when you play online casino games to keep you alert and attentive greatly increasing your odds of hitting a high payout jackpot. Check out the best Australian casino online as they review legit online casinos. 

Decreased Suicide Risk 

One study showed that the right amount of caffeine in an individual can reduce suicide risks by 45%. Who knew that caffeine consumed in the right amounts can have such a positive effect? 

Decreased Risk of Cancer

Cancer is one disease that has claimed countless lives. Research, however, research shows that consuming at least four cups of coffee may lower risk for oral and throat cancer.

Negative Effects


Too much of caffeine can over stimulate the brain leading to confusion. This, in turn, leads to stress and pressure. Proving beyond doubt that too much of one thing is definitely poison.

Headaches and Irritation

When one attempts to stop caffeine intake this can lead to headaches. This is because your body will be used to the stimulant. Hence getting back to the usual routine without it may be hard. Also, upon withdrawal from caffeine, irritation may also occur.


If you don’t like heartburn, then stay away from caffeinated products. Too much caffeine may also lead to a rapid heartbeat. This can be a cause for concern if the individual has had prior heart-related issues. 


In as much we love our coffee and as much as it can be good for our bodies, too much has the reverse effect. This is because caffeine can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. Imagine you are busy playing at real money casinos and the nature calls. You will miss opportunities. 

Pregnancy and Fertility Issues

For women who are pregnant, too much caffeine can cause a miscarriage. So it advised that they should not take more than 200mg of caffeine in a day. Just in case one is planning to a mummy anytime soon, too much caffeine can lead to lead fertility issues. So it is advised that they consume at most 300mg a day.