What are the Innovations Driving Gambling Growth Online?

Gambling in 2018 is, to put it bluntly, big business; a business that’s growing with each passing day.

Online gambling has thrived in the 21st century, benefiting greatly from increased global access to the internet, advanced security protocols to protect transactions and a broader understanding of safe gambling.

It’s led to a market which hosted over $550bn in wagers in 2016 and will see almost $1tn change hands in 2021, according to estimates from Juniper Research. That’s an almost doubling of wagers in the space of five years, but what’s driving that growth forward?

A number of innovations from gambling organisations have sprung up in recent years which have worked not only to entice new customers but to retain loyalty amongst existing customers too. Here are five of the biggest:

Mobile Casinos

Early online gambling was a strictly PC-based affair. With heavy, clunky websites which could only be navigated with a keyboard and mouse, they severely limited the amount of time anyone could commit to gaming.

That’s all changed with the rise of smartphones and the mobile web, with web-based casinos radically reformatting their offerings to enable round-the-clock gaming anywhere customers have their smart devices with them.

3D Casino Games

Gambling websites have significantly diversified their products in recent years, moving a significant emphasis towards 3D casino games. Made possible by advancements in processor and browsing technologies, these games boast advanced 3D visuals, combining exciting games with the opportunity to win big cash prizes.

By moving away from traditional ‘hard gambling’, online casinos have been able to entice an entirely new type of gamer to their platforms.


Gambling Bonuses

Free sign-up bonuses of bet-matching bonuses have fundamentally changed the value proposition for casinos big and small around the world.

By offering significant bonuses just for signing up like up-to $500 in free bets or 120 free spins, they encourage new customers to sign up for multiple accounts to make the most of their cash. It’s a shift that’s led to bonus comparison websites like BonusCA, which tracks and promotes casinos with the largest free bonuses for their customers.

Live Dealers

Closing the engagement gap between real-world casinos and their online counterparts has been identified as a key growth driver for the sector, but how do you do that when the customer isn’t in a dedicated, curated environment (like a casino floor), but could be anywhere?

It’s simple; you bring the casino to them. By live-streaming real dealers to your device, the casinos are able to create the same feeling of authenticity and excitement, wherever the customer may be.

Progressive Jackpots

The bigger the prize-pot, the more excited and motivated your customers will be to win it. It’s a simple equation, one that’s fuelled the demand for progressive jackpots.

Progressive jackpots are prize totals which are fed into by multiple games, creating vast pools of cash for customers in any game to win. It’s a small change, but in practice it drives up demand for all games, generating further revenue.