Do You Know Prostate Cancer Symptoms

The month of September is dedicated to Prostate Cancer Awareness. Prostate cancer is being fought by all societies around the world. Even online casinos are participating in the awareness campaigns. The cancer epidemic is increasing rapidly and men are urged to go for regular checkups. A research conducted earlier this year shows that one in every seven men will be diagnosed with the disease in his lifetime. It is difficult to notice the disease in its earlier stages. However, it is important to know prostate cancer symptoms. Prostate cancer symptoms are often not caused by cancer itself, but rather by the blockage in the prostate gland. The following are the symptoms you can’t ignore.

  1. Burning or pain during urination

A burning sensation during urination must get you worried. Another symptom connected to this is having difficulties to starting and stopping while urinating. You need to visit the doctor urgently.

  1. Blood in your urine

This is another symptom of prostate cancer and usually the initial signs of cancer of the kidneys, colon, or bladder. Even though there are some diseases with the same symptoms, it is your best interest to get tested for prostate cancer just to be safe.

  1. Blood in semen

Ejaculating semen with blood is linked with cancer of the testicles. It can also be caused by tumours, inflammation in the urinary system, infections, and prostate abnormalities.

  1. Weight Loss

If you start losing weight without even exercising, stressing from losing at slots or changing diet can be a sign of cancer.

  1. Urinating frequently

Going to the bathroom more frequently means there is something wrong with your bladder and prostate cancer causes the bladder to be unable to hold urine for a long time.

  1. Loss of bladder control

This epidemic can destroy the bladder to the extent that it ends up being unable to be controlled and urine will just come out on its own.