Android Apps Uploaded on Google PlayStore Every Week

There are so many up added on PlayS3tore every year. A good way to keep track of the Apps is to check out what is added on a weekly basis. Below are some of the top Apps for this week.


A day full of activities needs proper planning. This is essential to efficient use your time. Daily helps you organize your time. Manage your tasks and ranking them according to importance. Create a task with a label, name it, set start date and deadline. Tasks are displayed in different colours and it shows you what tasks you need to complete.

The tasks change colour as the deadline approaches closer and when the deadline passes it turns red. Daily shows which task you should focus on next. If you want to postpone the task you can easily skip it to get a different one. Ranking of tasks is conveniently done statistically to help you know which tasks to focus on. Daily shows how many incomplete tasks you have and how much time you have to complete them. Look at different stats to know how you’re doing.


Having same icons on your device can be boring, icons should not look the same. Adapticons allows you to create your own app icons for your home just in few clicks. You can make your app icons to match the launcher theme on your phone or bring something new to your home screen. This app allows you to create icons with one equal shape and style for all apps.

Icon packs are imported from the gallery. They bring a new fresh look and unique graphics to your icons. It also allows icon packs in launchers from Google, Samsung, and many others. Getting to customize the icon for your real money casino online gaming adds layers of fun to the gaming. The app comes with a lot of customization options such as different shapes, colour, and more to give you the icon look you want.