Amazon’s “Instant Pickup Points” Debuts in U.S.

The latest retail foray by Amazon is known as “Instant Pickup” and works as the title would imply. Shoppers at Amazon can now pick orders up for a certain number of items within just two minutes of buying them.

The new program is now live at five different college campuses and will expand to other sites, including neighborhood sites in cities before the end of 2017.

The new Instant Pickups will fulfill a goal of Amazon to deliver much shorter waiting times for customers that are ordering through the e-commerce behemoth’s platform. The selection at each of the different locations covers hundreds of items.

The items available for the Instant Pickups are often high volume products on Amazon’s online platform, such as phone chargers, drinks and snacks.

That means the push for Instant Pickup is focused on soothing the itch of today’s impulse buyers, which is an area that the traditional brick and mortar retail industry still is ahead of Amazon’s monstrous online model.

The items purchased using the Instant Pickup method are quickly picked by employees at Amazon that are on site at the different pickup points, they are then loaded in lockers that are closed with each having a unique code that the purchaser is given so he or she can retrieve their purchases.

Prices might be less expensive than through the company’s website for using traditional delivery, and the e-commerce giant was also considering automating the points for Instant Pickup but for the current rollout of the new offering, opted not to automate the points.

The five current pickup points are open on college campuses in Los Angeles, Atlanta, College Park, Maryland and Columbus, Ohio.

The new model of Instant Pickup could be a good dovetail with another recent Amazon move of acquiring Whole Foods Market.

Amazon could easily make its new Instant Pickup a viable option at the physical locations of the grocers, which already are located conveniently for a huge chunk of the addressable urban audience in the United States of the e-commerce giant.

Amazon continues to expand its reach into the physical retail space. The e-commerce giant’s huge array of products available online has helped in changing how consumers shop and now with impulse pickup points available, the online behemoth will begin eating into convenience store sales as well.