Employee at Google Causes Stir with Memo About Anti-Diversity

An opinion of an employee of Google criticizing the company initiatives related to diversity has caused an uproar at the company.

In a memo that was for internal use only, a software engineer, who is male, argued that the lack of women working top jobs in tech was due to the biological differences between males and females.

The engineer wrote that everyone needed to stop the assumption that gender gaps imply the existence of sexism. That memo was widely criticized by fellow workers.

However, the author said he received several personal messages sent by colleagues at Google expressing gratitude. Posted on a discussion board for just Google employees, the article was published in its completion by Gizmodo a tech website.

The memo says that abilities differ between men and women in part because of biological causes and these differences might explain the reason why that is not equal representations of women within the tech sector and leadership.

The author, who is unnamed, said that women generally like jobs in artistic or social areas, while more men like things such as coding.

This article prompted Danielle Brown, the new head of diversity at Google to make a response. Brown said the debate over this issue compelled her to speak out.

In her internal email that a tech website called Motherboards published in its entirety, she wrote that the article did not represent a viewpoint of her, or one that is endorsed, encouraged or promoted by the company.

She added that diversity as well as inclusion are fundamental to our values and culture that we continue cultivating.

Brown wrote that we remain unequivocal in the belief diversity and inclusion remains critical to the company’s success, and we will continue standing for that, and have a commitment to it over the long haul.

Across social media, women criticized the internal memo and the attitudes of sexism within the workplace in general.

A diversity report published by Google in June showed that approximately 69% of its complete workforce was male and over 56% white.

Women represent just 25% of Google’s leadership roles as well as just 20% of its technical jobs, like computer programmers.

Complaints have been made about the lack of diversity and culture of sexism in the tech sector in general.

Several executives, including CEO Travis Kalanick, quit working for Uber earlier this year after claims that the ride-hailing company did not do enough to tackle the complaints made about sexual harassment.