Mexico Hotels Discuss Alcohol Safety for Guests

Following a Thursday security update by the United States State Department related to the allegations of tainted alcohol in Mexico at resorts, major resort companies have started to highlight the many steps they are taking to ensure that the food and beverages they are offering are safe.

One representative from a large chain of Mexican hotels and resorts said that the Health Ministry of Mexico confirmed that it did not detect tainted alcohol in the resorts’ chain of hotels.

The hotel chain said that it makes sure it complies with local and federal regulations, and it works with alcohol partners that are high quality whose services the company routinely performs quality control checks and annual audits.

The entire supply of the resorts’ alcohol that it offers at its resorts across Mexico is purchased from recognized distributors, and it is all received with licenses and seals to guarantee its quality.

External audits are also done at the chain’s hotels each month to certify the hygienic and sanitary measures used.

Other Mexican hotel chains offer just top quality liquors such as Grey Goose, Bacardi and Johnny Walker and each of the bottles is purchased legally and arrives sealed.

Those who serve alcohol in many resorts in Mexico are kept under surveillance by their supervisors to ensure the quality control of their work so that the employees adhere to the hotel’s safety procedures related to guests.

Hotel and tourism officials stated that while Cancun remains one of the world’s safest tourist destinations, travelers need to remain cautious while traveling there or anywhere else in the world.

The State Department on Thursday released its update for its Mexico country page that warned travelers that allegations have been made alcohol served at resorts in both Cancun as well as the Riviera Maya has been substandard or tainted.

The update by the State Department came following an investigation into the death of Abbey Conner a 20-year old from the U.S. who had been found unconscious in a swimming pool last January at a hotel in Cancun and later died.

The Connor’s family’s attorney produced a report that included allegations that the staff at the resort had served alcohol that was bad quality and in large amounts, mixing different types

Other investigations found that tourists alleged they became sick, blacked out and suffered injuries after having a few drinks at resorts in Cancun as well as Playa del Carmen.