Employee: Home Depot Fired Me After I Tried to Stop Kidnapping

A man from Portland, Oregon said that Home Depot fired him after he attempted to help a woman who said she and her child were being kidnapped.

Dillon Reagan, who is 32, said that the do-it-yourself home repair chain told him he had violated the safety policy of the company when he left his store to find the possible kidnapper.

He told the media that after he had ended his shift May 12 he heard one of his co-workers yelling for help. He said that coworker had seen a violent domestic dispute occurring in the parking lot of the store.

Reagan said that he stepped outside the store he worked at to assist and saw a woman crying. He remembered that he say a lady who was crying and frantic asking for someone to help her. She said someone was taking her child, that a man was kidnapping her child.

Reagan then said he and a coworker left and made a call to the police. At that time, the only thing he was concerned about was the safety of the child, he added.

According to Reagan, the police dispatcher over the phone advised them to trail the man until police were able to arrive.

When officers were able to respond, Reagan said he and his coworker gave law enforcement statements prior to returning to Home Depot. He said that they had returned in more than 10 minutes.

Reagan, who was employed by Home Depot for four years, announced that he was reprimanded later by his direct supervisor. The supervisor told him he was wrong in what he did, as he should have just returned to work.

After the company reviewed the case for as long as a month, Home Depot on June 19 fired Reagan. He was cited for earlier that month arguing with a coworker, so the possible kidnapping was his second offense.

In a prepared statement Home Depot sent out to the media, it said the case was looked at a second time and the company had decided to reverse its original decision based upon certain circumstances.

The company added that its leadership in human resources was not aware of Reagan’s termination and once they were able to review it they reversed it due to extenuating circumstances.

When Reagan was asked about that, he wanted to return to work at Portland, He added that he hopes his next employer will not second guess his action in the heat of an emergency.