Tequila for $30,000 Per Bottle

At present, luxury tequila is enjoying a big moment and Clase Azul tequila from Mexico is capitalizing on the current craze.

Clase Azul sells bottles of its tequila for prices between $100 and $30,000 apiece. It has been served at very exclusive affairs such as movie premieres, celebrity parties and the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The label was launched in 1997 and slowly made its way to the top. Arturo Lomeli, who is Mexican, founded the brand and admits the first of his tequila’s was terrible, low-cost and packaged with a mustache and sombrero that he described as tacky.

Lomeli decided he needed to return to school and get his luxury marketing master’s degree to help elevate the brand.

He learned quickly about what value there was in creating a higher quality product through unique packaging.

The tequilas that carry the Clase Azul brand name are now sold in hand-painted, hand-sculpted ceramic decanters shaped like huge pepper grinders seen in restaurants.

He said that the company started to think of exclusivity of giving the best it could to those that really are able to appreciate it.

Lomeli says he became well known in 2007 as a craftsman of high-end tequila with the launch of his $1,200 bottle of Clase Azul Ultra which is dark amber tequila.

That tequila was only intended to cause a big stir in the tequila scene instead of becoming an enduring product. Lomeli said the company did not imagine it would be in the business of selling its super expensive tequila on a regular basis.

He calls himself lucky for launching his luxury tequila line as American began to get the taste of premium tequila.

Sales in the U.S. if super premium or high-end tequila have skyrocketed by 67% during the last decade, and recently surpassed the sales for less expensive varieties showed data released by the Distilled Spirits Council.

The most expensive tequila offered under the Clase Azul label has a price tag of $30,000 and features a ceramic bottle that is studded with things such as 24-caret gold and amber.

A 15-bottle collection of this luxury tequila was created to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Clase Azul.

The tequila sold under the Clase Azul brand is made in Mexico, but Lomeli does not plan to market his product to his fellow Mexicans though he does sell some to wealthy tourists from the U.S. as well as Europe.