American Airlines Cuts Ties with Uniform Supplier

For months, American Airlines had not seen eye-to-eye with its union representing flight attendants with the issue being the new uniforms of the attendants.

Employees said that the garments have caused allergic reactions as well as health issues that include rashes, breathing problems and headaches. The union demanded that the airline recall the uniforms.

However, American and Twin Hill the company that supplied the uniforms, have each said that multiple laboratory tests confirmed that the uniforms are 100% safe, though American has offered its employees new options for uniforms as a response to the complaints.

Now, the airline said it was ready to cut ties with the maker of the clothing. On Wednesday, the airline said that it would be severing its relationship with uniform supplier Twin Hill when the contract it currently has expires in three years.

American insisted again that the uniforms were safe and that the majority of the 70,000 company, front-line workers were pleased with the uniforms.

American announced that the decision made to cut its business relationship with Twin Hill had been mutual. On Wednesday, through a prepared statement, Twin Hill said that its tests by a third party had confirmed that the fabrics it has used in the uniforms did not contain any restricted chemical.

Twin Hill added that it has never seen any evidence presented by the airline linking its uniforms with symptoms that flight attendants had reported.

The uniform maker said in its statement it welcomed an opportunity to end the relationship it has with the airline because employee complaints had created a reputational risk.

Twin Hill said it concluded the costs that were associated with it serving American in an ongoing basis following the current contract were unacceptable to the business, given the odds that unfounded allegations will likely continue over the safety of our products.

Since the uniforms were first introduced by the airline in the fall of last year, the union said it received over 3,500 reports of suspected adverse reactions from its union members.

On Wednesday, the union announced that it was pleased with the decision by American to cut its ties with the uniform maker.

The statement by the union said that the airline’s management had taken a positive step through stating that flight attendants and the union will take an important role in the process of delivering its new uniforms moving forward.

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