Problems at Uber Continue as Top Executive for India is Fired

A top Uber executive at its Asia business was fired because he did not handle proceedings correctly in a rape case during 2014 that took place in India according to a pair of media reports.

Uber Asia president Eric Alexander was given his walking papers after the media started to question actions of his in obtaining medical records of a New Delhi rape victim who was raped by a driver at Uber, reported one newspaper.
Another article published the same but neither would name its source.

A source at Uber did confirm that Alexander had been canned. However, a spokesperson from Uber said the company did not common on what the reasons were for his leaving.

Alexander’s leaving comes during a time that Uber has being firing employees on a regular basis. Twenty of Uber’s executives had been asked to leave on June 6 after an internal investigation into the company’s workplace culture.

However, Alexander was not in that group. Reports suggest that even though the top leadership at Uber had been aware of the private investigation by Alexander they did not mention it during the internal probe by the company.

In responses to questions being asked about the rape and Alexander, the president of Uber Asia Amit Jain said that the crime in 2014 was horrific and one that someone should never face.

Uber responded to it by closely working with local law enforcement and with prosecutors to support the probe and see that the perpetrator faced justice.

The rape occurred when the woman had been traveling to her home located in New Delhi December of 2014. The incident placed a spotlight on the safety concerns for those riding in taxis, cabs or Uber rides across India.

Immediately following the incident, the home ministry of India advised states to ban taxi aggregators.

During 2014, Uber was just setting its business up in India, but now it is the fastest growing market for Uber. Its reputation took a big hit at the time and marketing was needed to clean its image and subsequently it introduced safety features that were specific to India.

Alexander, who had been Hong Kong-based, is reported to have not been convinced the rape occurred, says a media report. He believed it had been a dirty trick played by Uber’s bitter rival in India Ola as a way to sabotage the operations of Uber in India.

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