Jury Awards $100,000 to Woman Burned by Starbucks Coffee

 When coffee spilled on the lap of Joanne Mogavero, she suffered first- and second-degree burns, said her lawyers.

A Florida jury awarded Mogavero $100,000 after she was burned from the coffee she had purchased in 2014 at Starbucks.

The chain of coffeehouses was ordered by the jury to pay the amount announced her lawyers following the jury’s verdict of last week in Florida.

Mogavero, who is 43, has permanent scarring from burns she received after the lid on a coffee container she was holding popped off at a Starbucks drive-thru window in Jacksonville, Florida three years ago.

The open container led to 190-degree coffee to pour onto her lap, said her attorney in a prepared statement.

The lid was either defective or not attached correctly, said court documents from her lawsuit.

On Thursday of last week, a jury in Duval County awarded $85,000 to the mother of three for her disfigurement, physical impairment, inconvenience, pain and suffering and loss of capacity for enjoyment of her life.

The jury also ordered Starbucks to pay her another $15,000 to cover her medical bills.

The attorneys representing the woman said that Starbucks had intentionally failed in warning customers that the plastic lids it used for its coffee containers are known to leak or pop off.

The attorneys for Mogavero insisted that the chain of coffeehouses should warn customers that its lids can sometimes pop off without any warning.

At the trial, a representative from Starbucks reportedly gave testimony that the company has received as many as 80 complaints per month about the lids leaking or popping off similar to what took place with Mogavero.

Mogavero’s lawyers have said that despite that many complaints, Starbucks said it was not relevant to warn their customers of the inherent risk.

Steve Earle an attorney representing Mogavero said his client was not looking for the jury’s sympathy, she just wanted justice for what happened and that was given to her by the jury with the verdict it returned.

A Starbucks spokesperson released a statement that said the company was considering a possible appeal and was standing by its employees who had been involved in the incident.

Many service industry companies, especially restaurants must have large insurance coverage to cover any of the liability issues that could and often do arise over their products in order to protect themselves.

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