Apple Supply Chain Prepping for October iPhone 8 Launch

The most recent reports from the Apple iPhone supply chain in China have refuted previous reports that the next generation mobile handset would have a delay, and have claimed that manufacturers of previous products resolved problems with production.

Early on Monday, a report online said that suppliers of laminate motherboards Kinsus Interconnect and Zhen Ding, had straightened out prior difficulties and now are ready to ratchet up production of parts for iPhones in June.

TSMC a long time supplier for Apple is ready to produce the A1 chip as well according to the same report and will begin producing in mass numbers as well starting June 10, with extremely high volumes of product arriving at iPhone maker Foxconn during the second two weeks of July.

The report, also claims that assemblers of the iPhone Winstron, Pegatron and the aforementioned Foxconn have started to increase their hiring in large numbers, as the new employees will be required to receive training, which will give the companies an adequate number of employees for when the rush starts for making the newest iPhone.

Several sites online said in April that the next generation iPhone would be shipping much later than the normal timetable for iPhones in the past.

While those reports said the phone would be launching in the regular event held by Apple each September, they noted that the new “iPhone 8” might not ship until much later.

An analyst in China cautioned Apple investors that the anticipated new flagship mobile device could be extremely limited in supply during 2017, due to an expected adoption by the company of several new technologies.

Because of that users might wait or could shift interest to the family of iPhone 7s which should be released during the same launch potentially capping shipments of iPhones during the last quarter of 2017.

The new iPhone 8 is expected to have edge to edge OLED panel, with user space of 5.1 inches, the rest of which is dedicated to virtual buttons. It will slim or remove the bezels allowing Apple to include a battery that is larger.

In addition, a 3D facial scanner is expected.

With a full redesign that is expected in the latest device that will implement curved glass with wireless charging some of the latest reports pegged the new iPhone to have a base price of over $1,000.

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