Twitter Teams Up with Bloomberg for 24/7 Video Stream

News aficionados that are Twitter users will be happy to know that the micro-blogging site is teaming up with Bloomberg to launch a 24-hour new video feed on the site.

Twitter has pushed deeper into the news and live video arena with its launch of its round the clock video streaming service in a new partnership with Bloomberg.

The details of the new, news stream will be announced Monday and is likely to start sometime during the fall, said a report during this past weekend.

The ongoing struggles at the micro-blogging site over growth of user base and attracting more advertisers are well known amongst investors and analysts the past few years.

It is an issue that prompted Twitter to shift direction putting in place more live radio. The video stream move mirrors efforts done in a similar fashion by other large sites specializing in social media such as Facebook Instagram and Snapchat.

It is thought that the live news video service on Twitter will be supported by ads, with Bloomberg holding full control over the service’s content.

The CEO of Bloomberg Media Justin Smith said that the new service would have a much broader focus that the existing network. He promised complete details during a Monday morning presentation.

Twitter’s CFO Anthony Noto said the upcoming news video service will allow the micro-blogging site to reach audiences not paying for television and watch TV while on the go. He added Bloomberg made the perfect partner for this time of service.

Twitter is steadily increasing live video content on its site through a number of different partnerships that it has that included one-off events and sports leagues, though it points out as well that the deal with Bloomberg would mark its first continuous video feed on the micro-blogging platform.

A memo meant for only employees was leaked last fall showing that Jack Dorsey the CEO at Twitter viewed this service as a news network of the people adding that a growing number of people are using Twitter due to its speed. He called it the fastest to have news, and fastest to share the news with the rest of the world.

While there is little thought that Twitter would deviate from core offerings, the company wants to expand its element of live video that can help not only its 328 million user base but its main business.