Authorities Investigate Coca Cola Cans Containing Human Waste

Police started an investigation in Northern Ireland after finding what appears to be human waste in soda cans that were delivered to a factory of Coca-Cola.

The Lisburn factory night shift was disrupted a week ago when machines clogged up. Coca-Cola announced that it impounded all the cans that were affected.

The company also stressed that this incident was an isolated one and that it did not affect any of its products that were currently for sale.

Law enforcement is currently investigating new reports that a consignment might have been what was contaminated.

As the Belfast Telegraph reported on Monday, the cans arrived at the Northern Ireland factory with no tops on them and then are filled with a drink prior to being sealed then sold throughout Northern Ireland.

A Northern Ireland police service spokesperson said that its detectives were investigating what took place at the factory located in Lisburn following reports that a shipment of containers that were delivered to the plant were contaminated when they arrived.

A Coca-Cola spokesperson said the soft-drink maker had been aware of the incident that transpired involving the empty cans at its plant in Knockmore Hill.

The spokesperson added that the company was treating the incident extremely seriously while it carried out a complete investigation of cooperation with the local police service.

This problem was immediately identified through the robust procedures of quality control the company maintains and all of that product included in the affected batch of cans was impounded immediately and would not reach the market to be sold.

Coca-Cola announced that the incident was an isolated one and did not affect any of the other products that it currently has for sale.

The country’s Food Standards Agency announced that the FSA of Northern Ireland was aware of the incident of physical contamination at the Lisburn Coca-Cola Hellenic plant and not evidence was found to suggest that any of the products that were contaminated had reached the market to be sold.

The incident will also be investigated in full by the environmental health unit, the PSNI and the City Council of Castlereagh.

Problems of contamination are taken very seriously by companies receiving third party consignments and Coca Cola cannot afford to have its image tainted by the incident as it already is trying to move forward in an industry where consumers are changing their drinking habits often.

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