Ivanka Trump Products See Increase in Sales During February

The Ivanka Trump fashion label was in the headlines during February when Nordstrom dropped the brand from stores when it was attacked by President Trump on Twitter. Then, more companies dropped Ivanka’s brand when Kellyanne Conway a Trump adviser delivered a promotional plug for Ivanka’s line.

The massive amount of news coverage gave the fashion brand plenty of free exposure and publicity and recent figures from sales show that has paid off.

An online retail research firm reported that sales in the U.S. of products from the Ivanka Trump fashion line on Amazon were up by over 332% during January and February in comparison to the same two months one year ago.

At Macy’s, sales for the brand were up over 148%, while at Bloomingdale’s they increased by 29.5% showed information from the research firm.

Since the start of February, some of the brands best performing weeks in history have been seen. For a number of retailers, the Trump brand was a top online performer and in certain categories, it was the best performance ever by the brand, said the president of the fashion brand Abigail Klem.

Michael Cohen the longtime attorney for President Donald Trump said on Friday that sales data had showed there was a winner in the differences between Nordstrom and Ivanka Trump. Stock increased as well by 7%, while the clothing line saw sales increases of 300% said Cohen.

Nordstrom stock was up 4% during the period as well, but is lower by over 7% on the year.

Comparing the share price and sales figures is not indicative of much. The price of stock fluctuates based upon investor sentiment and there has not been any indication that dropping the brand harmed the business of Nordstrom, said one analyst on Wall Street.

While supporters of Trump have called for a boycott of Nordstrom, advocates that are anti-Trump, including a dozen or more celebrities, have praised Nordstrom for the decision it made to drop the Trump brand.

One expert in brands of this type said that while it was possible the Trump brand was given a short term explosion of sales from press coverage, the brand was going to grow anyway, particularly outside the U.S. now that the namesake is linked to the glamour of the U.S. White House.

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