Under Armour Has More Problems to Deal With

Under Amour Inc’s top executive is a Donald Trump fan, but the biggest athletes representing the sports apparel company are not. That has caused its share of problems.

Three of Under Armour’s biggest names have spoken out against CEO Kevin Plank after the praise he gave the U.S. president. Plank went on CNBC to say that Trump was an asset to the country. Plank is one of the members of the American Manufacturing Council established by the White House.

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry, the most prized pitchman for sneakers at Under Armour said he agreed with Plank’s statement if you removed et from the word asset.

Star ballet dancer Misty Copeland, who is featured prominently in advertising by Under Armour, also spoke out against the statements made by Plank in one of her posts on Instagram.

Copeland said she had spoken with the Under Armour CEO at length and was hopeful the company would do something to promote inclusivity

Copeland said she strongly disagrees with the recent comments made by Plank in support of President Trump. Those of you that support and follow by career, said Copeland, know that one topic I never back down on is speaking openly about how important inclusion and diversity is.

The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, spoke out strongly against the CEO at Under Armour. The actor, who has his own apparel line at Under Armour, said this week that the comments of CEO Plank trampled over the beliefs of many of the employees at the company.

Leaders inspire people, not divide them, added Johnson. The actor also said that Plank’s words were not his or his beliefs. He said Plank’s words were lacking perspective and divisive.

When asked about the statements made by Plank and Under Armour athletes, the White House would not comment.

A spokesperson for Under Amour earlier this week said the company engages in policy but not politics, and it advocates fair trade, tax reform and inclusive immigration.

Competition to land top athletes amongst the top apparel companies can be cutthroat and star power represents a huge resource in battling to be cool amongst teens as well as those who love sneakers.

LeBron James has a deal he signed in 2016 with Nike worth an estimated $1 billion, but Curry alone has been spearheading the basketball business footwear sales at Under Armour. Those sales reached $1 billion in 2016 for just the first time.

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