Nordstrom Severs Ties with Ivanka Trump

On Thursday, retailer Nordstrom announced that it had stopped carrying products by Ivanka Trump. The company announced that the declining sales of the brand led to it making the decision to sever its ties.

Nordstrom said that each year it cuts approximately 10% of the brands I carries and refreshes its assortment with approximately that same amount.

In the case with the Trump brand, the retailer said that the performance of the brand was what made them decide to stop buying for the upcoming season.

The decision by Nordstrom comes amidst calls for boycotts against those retailers that carry the Trump brand of products.

The Ivanka Trump line of products, which includes women’s clothing, handbags and shoes, was available on the retailer’s website through at least this past Wednesday.

However, on Thursday the brand was no longer listed on the master list of Nordstrom brands.

Trump’s brand remained silent when sent a message requesting a comment related to the brand being cut from the Nordstrom lineup.

The availability of the Trump brand has declined on the website of Nordstrom from a number of weeks.

Last fall, Shannon Coulter launched a boycott against the Ivanka Trump brand and has tracked the inventory levels of the brand at Nordstrom for the past few months.

During the first week of last December, there were 71 products from the Ivanka Trump brand on sale at the website of Nordstrom.

Just last week that number was just 26 and by Wednesday of this week that number had fallen to only 9 products still available.

Trump administration critics have pushed for nationwide boycotts against a number of retailers due to them carrying products that are Trump brand.

However, Nordstrom became a main target of the boycott following the release of an open letter by a shopper to the retailer that went viral last October.

That letter stated that the lineup of Ivanka Trump products were toxic and demanded that the retailer no longer sell them.

In November, Nordstrom released a response to that, with a message on Twitter saying it was not taking any political positions through selling products made by Trump.

The letter stated that the retailer hoped that offering the products of a particular vendor was not misunderstood to be taking a particular political position, as the retailer is not.

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