Paul McCartney Sues Sony for Beatles Songs

Former Beatles member Paul McCartney wants the Beatles’ songs back. The legend in pop music sued Sony/ATV Music Publishing Wednesday as he attempts to regain rights to numerous hits by the Beatles that he wrote or co-wrote with fellow band member, the late John Lennon.

Songs like “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “Yesterday” and a number of other hits by the Beatles are in the lawsuit filed by McCartney according to the court documents pertaining to the case.

McCartney, in his complaint, argues that the Copyright Act of 1976 should allow him to begin reclaiming the ownership of the numerous songs in question from Sony starting next year. Sony did not comment when asked to make a comment related to this lawsuit.

The complaint is the most recent moved by McCartney in his pursuit for a number of decades in gaining the rights to his songs.

Michael Jackson and Sony formed Sony/ATV during 1995; one decade after Jackson had paid more than $41.5 million to buy the ATV catalog that includes many songs by the Beatles.

Jackson was able to acquire the catalog after outbidding McCartney. In 2016, Sony took over complete control of the company it formed with Jackson after the estate of Jackson agreed to sell its stake of 50% for a price of $750 million.

During October of 2008, McCartney started to send termination notices to Sony/ATV to reclaim his interest in the copyrights for his musical compositions, said his lawyers in their court complaint.

The notices sent out by McCartney should begin to take effect as of October 5, 2018, starting with the rights to the song, “Love Me Do,” said the lawsuit’s documents in court.

McCartney has requested that the court declare his terminating rights are not in breach of any publishing agreements.

The attorneys for McCartney are worried about a UK court decision from 2016 that involved Duran Duran, the popular pop group

The court found in favor of a subsidiary of Sony/ATV that had sued the popular band members of Duran Duran for breaching their contract when they attempted to reclaim the rights to all their songs.

McCartney and Ringo Starr are the only two remaining Beatles who are alive. Both are very active in the music industry today.

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