Employees in France Can Ignore Emails from Work Outside Office Hours

French workers began the New Year with the right to make a disconnect, as a new disconnect law came into force that gives employees across the country the right to ignore emails from work that arrive during typical workings hours.

The new law for employers requires that companies in France with over 50 employees start making policies with workers about limiting technology usage that is work related outside the office, reported a daily in France.

The motivation for this new measure is to stop stress that is work related that continues to enter the personal lives of people and to hopefully prevent burnout by employees, said French officials.

Employees who are physically outside of the office, but do not put down their work as they remain attached by an electronic leash, similar to dogs.

The emails, messages and texts colonize the individual’s life to a point where they eventually can break down.

France has had a workweek of 35 hours since 2000. However, the policy became pressured recently given the unemployment rate is at a near all time high.

The provision of right to disconnect was packaged together with new as well as controversial reforms that last year were introduced and were designed to calm down some of the strict labor regulations.

Myriam El Khomri the Labor Minister in France included an amendment that contained the right to disconnect provision. El Khomri reportedly was inspired from similar policies at telecommunications company Orange in France.

The legislation was passed in May by the lower parliamentary house in France. This is not the first time a bill of this type was proposed. Legislation that was similar banned worked related emails during after work hours that was introduced in Germany and France prior to now, but never made into a law.

The criticism most received from people worried that workers in France would be left behind by their competitors in others nations, where these kinds of restriction are not in existence.

Supports of the measure said it would be an important move in the attempt to minimizing stress that is work related amongst employees.

French businesses expect to be in compliance with the new law on the now existing voluntary basis.

During the spring, the right to disconnect measure prompted discussion about if anything such as this could be viable with the U.S.

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