Report Says Nintendo Will Release Up to Three Mobile Games Each Year

Nintendo announced that it would be releasing more games for smartphones. In an article that appeared in Sankei a newspaper published in Japan, the president of Nintendo Tatsumi Kimishima said two or three games were slated to be released during 2017 for mobile handsets, although no more details were revealed by Kimishima about the genre of the games.

At the start of 2016, Nintendo made an announcement that both Animal Crossing and Emblem would be released on mobile devices, though exact details have remained closely guarded secrets. Now it appears that the two games will likely not appear on smartphones until sometime in 2017.

The most recent game released by Nintendo for mobile devices, Super Mario, has had over 50 million official downloads across the Internet. That is despite there being a price tag of $10 for some features of the game.

Due to the craze and euphoria that followed the game’s release, it was evident that the games maker, Nintendo would like the return of more classic titles to their mobile platform.

While the popular Super Mario Run thus far had been made available for iOS the company announced that it expects the total download number to surpass the 100 million mark.

In the newspaper article in Japan, the Nintendo president attempted as well to clear up any doubts amongst company investors over the mobile strategy of Nintendo.

Investors have not been happy that the mobile game has had a price tag of $10. They would rather see Nintendo follow the more popular models of freemium like others.

The Nintendo president nevertheless, said the model would depend entirely upon the kind of game that is being made by the company.

It remains unclear the direction in which the mobile strategy for Nintendo is headed. On one side, Nintendo has been eyeing the booming market for mobile gaming, while the other side it has been attempting to lure gamers who play on consoles with its console Switch, which is said to be scheduled for release during March of 2017.

Mobile games for smartphones and tablets have become a very popular activity and online advertisers are taking advantage of that by advertising with more frequency than before.

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