Twitter Negotiating With Apple to Launch App for Apple TV

With Twitter owning the rights to NFL Thursday Night Football, the microblogging company is trying to find different ways to get its live streaming in front of viewers’ eyes.

That seems to include those with Apple TV. A new report released by the New York Times indicates that Twitter has been in talks with Apple with regard to a new app that would enable customers of Apple TV to watch live NFL through the Twitter app.

It is not clear why Apple would be needed in these negotiations since Twitter should be able to freely release any app for Apple TV it chooses through the normal process on the App Store.

Given the popularity of the NFL and Twitter, the company might by trying for some special type of treatment from the tech giant like a priority placement of the app on the App Store.

It also could be trying to position the app as a candidate for the rumored TV guide Apple service that publicly still has not been announced.

A report from 2015 said Apple had been considering a bid itself for exclusive rights to the NFL, but eventually declined the attempt.

However, it might have realized the content would eventually appear on its own platform with a company such as Twitter being a proxy.

Twitter’s deal that won the rights was $10 million to stream up to 10 games. Twitter will sell part of the ad inventory for more revenue. Users will be able to watch the NFL live stream free with no account credentials or paywall through Apple TV, the Twitter website and the Twitter iOS app.

Jack Dorsey the CEO at Twitter is very keen apparently on streaming live content as another direction for the microblogging social network to go, that includes a combination of content deals such as the NFL and content generated by users such as Periscope.

The NFL series for 2016, starts as of September 15.

The NFL is the most popular professional sport in the U.S. and more and more people are attempting to see the game through other means than just their cable TV providers.

Apple TV is becoming more and more popular amongst users and that is another reason why Twitter could be negotiating with the company to stream the content.

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