Facebook Threatening to Delete Its Synced Photos If Photo App Not Downloaded

Facebook has come up with its way of convincing users to down its photo app known as Moments: through threatening to delete photos if the app is not downloaded.

The notice involves the feature photo syncing that was removed recently by Facebook from its main mobile app. Beginning, back in 2012, the core app for Facebook was able to upload photos automatically from a local camera roll of a mobile device to a private Facebook album.

The photos remained there in storage, but it also made it easier to share them later publicly on the user’s home page.

That tool for syncing has been moved from the core app of Facebook to the photo app known as Moments. Facebook has made it clear it was going to happen and it actually took place a number of months ago, without seemingly causing much pushback from members.

However, at the time, what Facebook was vague about was what would take place to photos, which previously had been synced.

At that time, it was mentioned by Facebook that users would have the chance to download their images into a zip file if they preferred not to move them to Moments.

However, it is now clear that offering is due to the intentions of Facebook to delete the synced photos completely if users do not download the new app.

This is only applicable with photos that are auto-synced; not images that a user uploaded personally.

An email was received by an unnamed source that said while Facebook has given ample time for people to make their jump to Moments, it is fairly shameless about what is taking place.

Now it can be argued perhaps that anyone using the auto sync system regularly will have downloaded Moments already.

However, it seems to say the very least, not a kind tactic on the part of Facebook to delete photos when there are the resources to continue storing them.

It is a blatant aggressive push by Facebook as it hopes to get users to download its app Moments, as it certainly has the where with all to continue to shore them.

This is not the first time the social media giant has become aggressive about pushing people onto another core apps. In 2014, it removed Messenger’s app from core Facebook apps, to force users to download their own app to keep using it.

Anyone that has used their sync feature previously in the past has until July 7 to make a download of Moments.