Government Warns that QuickTime Could be Vulnerable to Hackers

Computer users are being urged to delete the Apple QuickTime media player on PCs that are running Windows after a pair of vulnerabilities were discovered in the software.

The United States Department of Homeland Security issued the alert after it learned that Apple would no longer provide any security updates for their video player.

Experts in cyber security at two online security firms said they identified two vulnerabilities in the media player for Windows that could give hackers the opportunity to take control of the computer that is affected.

The bugs give hackers the opportunities to attack PCs if the users visit a web page that is compromised or if they opened a tainted fail.

A U.S. Computer Security Readiness Team statement said that the only fix was to uninstall Apple’s QuickTime. The team is part of Homeland Security and said that computer running the Windows version of the media player will work when the support ends, but using software that is unsupported might increase risk from viruses as well as other threats to security.

Apple has yet to make an official announcement that it is not supporting QuickTime for Windows, but the software has been described as a legacy tool.

The software is continuing to be updated for Mac computers, but the software for Windows computers is now behind and the version that is most up to date is QuickTime 7.

Previously Apple has said that this software is expected to run properly on the more recent versions of Windows following Window 7.

Previously QuickTime came packaged with software of Apple iTunes and was required to view videos. It is not considered to be needed for the current iTunes versions.

One leading online security company known as Trend Micro, also issued an important call for users of Windows to delete their QuickTime.

It says that users of Mac OSX did not have to worry about  doing any deleting of the software, as it would continue to be supported and protected by Apple.

However, it did say Apple is not issuing more security updates to that software for Windows computers, so the only method to protect against any attack was to remove QuickTime entirely from the computer.