McDonald’s Launches New Low-Calorie Breakfast

McDonald’s has rolled out a new low-calorie menu for Southern California that features breakfast bowls that are Tex-Mex style and parfaits made of Chobani yogurt.

Beginning this week, the burger chain is testing two breakfast bowls that are low-carb in 800 of its restaurants across the San Diego and Los Angeles area.

The turkey sausage and egg white bowl with kale and spinach has just 250 calories along with 27 gram of protein. Its other bowl is chorizo and scrambled egg and a hash brown, with Pico de Gallo and salsa that has 460 calories as well as 26 grams of protein. Each breakfast bowl will sell for $4.39.

In addition, McDonald’s will use Chobani Greek Yogurt in its parfaits. The parfaits will have 110 calories as compared to non-Chobani ones that have 150 calories.

McDonald’s will also use the Chobani yogurt in smoothies made at McCafe, with strawberry banana and mango pineapple flavor.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said the rollout regionally was customized for the tastes in California, where both kale and Mexican food are very popular.

Recently McDonald’s launched another breakfast item locally in Ohio, a pancake-chicken combo sandwich known as Chicken McGriddle.

Betting on its breakfast has paid dividends for McDonald’s. The Golden Arches started their all-day breakfast in 2015, and Steve Easterbrook the CEO said that was the biggest reason the sales in same-stores increased by 5.7% during the fourth quarter across the U.S.

The more traditional breakfast menu nationwide features the most popular item the Egg McMuffin that has 300 calories, the Hash Brown with 150 calories and its Big Breakfast that includes Hotcakes and is a very high 1,050 calories.

Breakfast has created an intense competition across formal dining, casual dining and fast food dining in the U.S.

More and more restaurants have either added breakfast to their menu such as Taco Bell or they are adding new features to their breakfast lineup such as McDonald’s.

Since McDonald’s breakfast is so popular, the additions made in the SoCal area will likely just add to its popularity.

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